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The new platform has been created to position itself as a leading player in Indian’s cryptocurrency market, which is just beginning to take shape at a serious level. The exchange adheres to all guidelines set by The Government Of India. Coinsbit India’s goal is to provide quality services at a high level, ensuring reliability, convenience, and transparency.

“Coinsbit India looks to become the foremost trading ground for a market that’s just beginning to see cryptocurrency’s potential. We operate in compliance with the guidelines set out by the government of India at all times. Coinsbit looks to bring service, reliability, and convenience that any other platform cannot match, and we’re proud to be one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges’’, said the company.

Users’ confidence is the most important thing for Coinsbit. It is thanks to this confidence that they entered the top largest exchanges in the ranking of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. They know how to achieve peak goals and what service is needed for this. Coinsbit is also known for its security, offering the latest security systems and firewalls, storing assets in cold wallets and painstaking work give them the right to be called a truly safe exchange.

As the exchange officially opens, Coinsbit India has launched a new token — Coinsbit India Token (CIN) — specifically for the airdrop. CIN Token is a service token for the new Coinsbit India Exchange. This asset will give users access to unique features on the exchange, as well as additional bonuses and privileges. CIN Tokens will only be issued to participants of the referral program and new users who register on the platform.

The idea behind the token is to optimize the user experience and provide their clients with access to the many advantages of their exchange.

There will be two referral programs in operation at the same time: 1. The CIN Referral Program: “Invite your friends and traders on Coinsbit India and make a profit! Just give them your referral link. Five levels of benefits for an invitation!”, and 2. Trading Referral Program: “Your friends like trading — great! Make a profit from your referral’s trading fee. The bigger your friend’s trading is, the bigger your profit!”

When it comes to token distribution, If the user is worried about a price dump after launching, Coinsbit India thought about that. Only 10% from referral distribution will be deposited on the user’s balance. Another 90% will be put in profitable staking and every month the company will unlock 3% from total distribution.

95% of all the tokens received from the referral program will be staked, and every month, each user will receive the benefits of it. What is more, 3% from the staked supply will be credited and unlocked every month. This is a great opportunity to safeguard the price of CIN tokens to use them as a means of paying the trading fee, or sell them, or saving them and receiving more profit in the future.

About Coinsbit

Coinsbit is a cryptocurrency exchange with its headquarters in Estonia, launched in 2018. It was named the best 2018 crypto exchange at Asian Blockchain Life 2019. The company has a wide number of users, close to 2,000,000. It offers cryptocurrency pairs, 6+ fiat gateways and OTC trading, and P2P lending. Coinsbit also lets users earn crypto assets via the Staking pool.

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