Pension – Get Rs 30000 Monthly Pension by Investing Rs 2,650 Per Month


Retirement planning is a crucial aspect of financial management that ensures a secure and comfortable life post-retirement. As people approach retirement, it’s essential to have a reliable source of income to maintain their lifestyle without the pressure of active work. One effective way to achieve this is by investing in a robust pension plan. One such plan is the National Pension Scheme (NPS), which offers an opportunity to earn a monthly pension of ₹30,000 by investing just ₹2,650 per month.

Understanding the Importance of Retirement Savings

As life expectancy increases, the need for a substantial retirement corpus becomes more pressing. Those preparing for retirement should start saving early to ensure their future financial security. The income generated from these investments will be the primary reliance after retirement, providing financial stability and peace of mind.

The National Pension Scheme (NPS): An Overview

The National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a government-backed retirement savings plan designed to meet the financial needs of individuals in their retirement years. Introduced by the central government in 2004, the NPS aims to provide a regular income stream post-retirement through disciplined savings during an individual’s working life. It is managed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).

How the NPS Works

By investing ₹2,650 per month from the age of 21, you can secure a monthly pension of ₹30,000 upon retirement at the age of 60. The accumulated corpus at the time of retirement will be approximately ₹1,52,66,310. This amount results from disciplined, long-term investments that benefit from the power of compounding.

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Flexibility and Withdrawals

The NPS offers flexibility in terms of withdrawal options. At the time of retirement, you can withdraw up to 60% of the accumulated corpus if needed. For example, if you choose to withdraw 60% of ₹1,52,66,310, which is ₹91,59,786, you can invest this amount in an annuity scheme to receive a monthly pension of ₹30,533. This structured payout ensures a steady income throughout your retirement.

Eligibility and Tax Benefits

Any Indian citizen and Non-Resident Indian (NRI) aged between 18 and 70 can open an NPS account. The scheme is also tax-deductible under Section 80CCD(2) of the Income Tax Act, making it an attractive investment for those seeking tax-efficient savings.

Investment Options within NPS

Investors can tailor their investment strategy within the NPS by choosing from various asset classes such as equity, government bonds, and corporate bonds. This diversification allows investors to balance risk and returns according to their risk appetite and retirement goals. For those willing to take higher risks for potentially higher returns, a significant portion can be allocated to equity investments.

Opening an NPS Account

Opening an NPS account is a straightforward process that can be done online. Individuals with a bank account can easily open an NPS account through the official website or through authorized banks and financial institutions. The convenience of online account management makes it easier to monitor and adjust investments as needed.

Historical Context and Expansion of NPS

Initially, the NPS was exclusively available to government employees. However, in 2009, the central government extended the scheme to all citizens, making it accessible to everyone, including private-sector employees and self-employed individuals. This inclusivity has broadened the scheme’s appeal and made it a viable option for millions of Indians looking to secure their retirement.

Benefits of the NPS

  1. Guaranteed Income: The NPS provides a guaranteed income, ensuring financial stability and peace of mind during retirement.
  2. Tax Efficiency: Contributions to the NPS are eligible for tax deductions, reducing taxable income and enhancing savings.
  3. Flexibility: The scheme offers various investment options, allowing individuals to tailor their portfolio according to their risk tolerance and retirement goals.
  4. Accessibility: The NPS is accessible to all Indian citizens and NRIs, with an easy online account opening and management process.
  5. Long-Term Growth: Through disciplined savings and the power of compounding, the NPS helps build a substantial retirement corpus over time.

Case Study: Calculating the Benefits

To illustrate the benefits of the NPS, let’s consider the case of an individual who starts investing at the age of 21. By contributing ₹2,650 per month until the age of 60, the total contributions over 39 years amount to ₹12,39,600. With an average annual return of 10%, the investment grows to ₹1,52,66,310. Upon retirement, withdrawing 60% of this corpus leaves ₹91,59,786, which can be invested in an annuity to secure a monthly pension of ₹30,533. This example demonstrates how long-term, consistent investments in the NPS can lead to significant financial benefits in retirement.

Ensuring a Stress-Free Retirement

The NPS is designed to provide financial security and a stress-free retirement. By offering a guaranteed income stream and the flexibility to choose investment options, it helps individuals maintain their lifestyle and meet their financial obligations without relying on others. This independence is crucial for a dignified and comfortable retirement.

Planning for the Future

It’s essential to start planning for retirement early. The sooner you begin saving and investing, the more time your money has to grow through the power of compounding. The NPS offers an excellent opportunity to build a substantial retirement corpus with relatively small monthly contributions. By starting at a young age, you can secure a significant income stream for your retirement years.


Investing in the National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a prudent decision for anyone looking to secure their financial future. With disciplined savings of ₹2,650 per month, you can build a corpus of ₹1,52,66,310 and secure a monthly pension of ₹30,000 upon retirement. The NPS offers flexibility, tax benefits, and a guaranteed income stream, making it an attractive option for all Indian citizens and NRIs.

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