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Picoworkers is a legit micro-task site that pays you for doing small jobs. It offers plenty of jobs on a daily basis but they don’t really pay you that well so you need to join with the right expectations.

Micro-task sites can be a good way to earn extra cash. That is, of course, if you join a site that has good earning potential.

One micro-task site that is fairly well-known and promises you can earn decent money is Picoworkers.

But is Picoworkers legit and really a way to earn or a scam to stay away from?

You need to make sure you join a legit site that will really pay you. And let me just reveal right away that, fortunately, Picoworkers is a legit site. It does pay you for completing small jobs. But does it present a viable and efficient way for you to earn extra cash?

This Picoworkers review will answer that question and more. It will take a closer look at what the site has to offer so you know exactly what to expect and can decide if it really is the right fit for you or not.

What is Picoworkers and what does it offer?

Picoworkers, as mentioned above, is a micro-task site that will pay you for completing short tasks. All you have to do is sign-up for an account and then perform small tasks in exchange for money.

It’s a lot like Jobboy. In fact, both sites are pretty identical in terms of how you will be able to earn with a slight difference. But in order to get a good idea of how well you can earn from this site, we have to examine the earning opportunities it offers.

So, here’s how you can earn from Picoworkers.

Option 1 – Small Jobs

The main method of earning on Picoworkers is by doing small jobs. Just as the name suggests, these are short tasks you can complete in exchange for a small amount of money.

There are plenty of micro-jobs you can choose from inside Picoworkers.

When you become a member of Picoworkers, you can log in to their member dashboard and view all the micro-jobs available.

You will be able to see exactly what you will get when completing the job and also have many jobs are available. This is great info to have, and I really like they make this so clear as it can help you prioritize your time and the jobs to focus on.

As you can see in the image above, you will also be able to see on the left side of the screen which countries the task is for. If it says “INT” it means it is international and you can do the job no matter the country you live in – and luckily there are many jobs that are available for all countries.

Most of the jobs are pretty simple. Some will ask you to visit a website, others will ask you to like a Facebook or Instagram page.

There will also be jobs asking you to sign up to a certain size and do some searches. But regardless of what the job will ask you to do, one thing remains constant. And that is, you need to provide proof that you’ve done the job.

To complete a job and get paid, you will need to submit proof that you’ve finished it.

When you accept a job, it will then open a new form where you can submit proof. You need to Submit clean and correct proofs only. That’s why it is important to carefully read the job description and required proof first before you accept the job.

For example, do not say “yes” “done” “finished” “I have the screenshot”. These responses are not proof you did the work and they waste the time of administrators and employers. When submitting proof, only submit what is asked for.

So, if you do not understand a task, can’t complete a task, or even if you encounter an error, it’s better to not submit incomplete proof.

If you do not submit proof and if the person who posted the job does not approve the proof and the job you did, you will NOT get paid.

So you need to make sure to do everything thoroughly.

Option 2 – Referral Program

The other way you can earn from Picoworkers.com is by inviting people to join the platform.

When you invite a person to join and they successfully registered to the site, you stand to earn 5% from every job they complete.

You can earn extra by inviting others to join.

Aside from that, if they also deposit money in Picoworkers (which they can do if they want to post a job), you will also earn 5% of the amount they deposited.

To invite a person to join, you just have to share your referral link with them and make sure they click on it to sign up to the site.

In my opinion, it’s a decent form of passive income from the site even though 5% is quite low compared to many other referral programs.

Option 3 – Joining bonus

An easy way to get started earning on Picoworkers is by just joining because you will get a $0.50 joining bonus just for verifying your email.

I wanted to make a separate section about this joining bonus here as it is not quite the same as many other joining bonuses.

The thing is that you cannot withdraw your joining bonus.

It can only be used for posting a job on the site yourself and this is important to know before getting too excited about the easy bonus.

So if you are not planning to use Picoworkers to post a job, then the joining bonus will be useless.

How do you get paid?

Every job you complete on Picoworkers will earn you a certain amount which will be credited to your Picoworkers account. Once you’ve earned $5.75, you can request payment.

The payout threshold is fairly low and Picoworkers has good payout options.

Picoworkers offers several payout options. You can get paid via PayPal, Cryptocurrency, or Skrill. The cryptocurrencies you can get paid in can vary from time to time, in my experience. But most often it will be Ethereum and Litecoin.

Each payment method has a certain processing fee. And you just need to be aware of this as that means you will not get the full amount.

I do like the fact that they have a low payout threshold of $5.75. However, the percentage you have to pay to withdraw is quite high which is definitely a drawback, in my opinion.

Also, recently Picoworkers changed their fee structure so now they do not only charge a transaction fee but will also withhold VAT. You cannot see the exact amount that will be withheld until you try to cash out, so if you are not aware, it might come as a shock.

The amount can vary from country to country but, in general, you can expect the total fee + VAT to get to around 20% which is an extremely high percentage considering how low rewards you will get for the jobs there.

This is definitely something to consider so you know what to expect.

If you are interested in sites with a low cash-out threshold and with no fees, I suggest you check out the fastest paying sites.

How much money can you make?

Now is the important part of the review. In order to determine how viable a site is, we have to take a look at its earning potential. And to evaluate the earning potential of a site, there are two things we need to consider.

The first one is the availability of jobs. Picoworkers has this covered since there are usually more jobs than you would be able to complete. So, you won’t run out of things to do to earn money.

The other factor that will decide the earning potential is how well the site pays. This, in my opinion, is where Picoworkers fall a bit short. You won’t really earn a lot because their tasks don’t really pay well. You will only earn cents for each task you complete.

This is not surprising really because the tasks available on this site are not from companies and businesses but from other members. The jobs will come from members who have most likely found offers they can promote to earn a commission.

So, in reality, you will only receive a cut from what they earn. That’s why you will seldom find a job that will earn you more than $0.50 (and most will pay less).

However, if you choose the jobs wisely and only take on jobs that offer fair pay (and that are ethical jobs to do as not all jobs are), then it definitely can be a way to earn some extra cash. Just remember that you will not get the full amount when withdrawing as explained earlier.

And overall, there are better options to spend your time on, in my opinion.

Can you use it on mobile?

Another drawback of this site is, it doesn’t have an app you can download so you can work on small jobs on your mobile device. However, you will be able to access their site from a mobile device using a web browser.

And since Picoworkers had a huge update a while ago, it is now optimized for mobile use. So, now you can complete jobs on your mobile device quite easily.

But considering the nature of most of the jobs offered, it is really best that you work on it from a desktop or laptop, in my opinion.

Who can join Picoworkers?

A big advantage of Picoworkers is that it is available globally. Anyone can join. You just have to be at least 18 years of age or older to join.

You can join Picoworkers from any country.

To sign up as a member, all you have to do is fill out their registration form and then click the activation link in the email you will receive from them. Once you’ve done that, you can then log in to the site and start doing jobs.

Can you get support?

Picoworkers does have an FAQ page you can check out if you have any questions. It covers most of the common topics.

But if you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can contact their support team through their Support page.

You can get fairly fast help from their support if you need it.

To access their Support page, just log in to the site and click on the Support tab. You can find it in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard.

You will then be redirected to your Inbox. This is where you can send a message to their support team. Just click the button “Create New Ticket”. They do say that support messages are answered in 24 hours.

And I have contacted their support several times and they have always responded within 24 hours.

That shows that they are serious about helping you if you ever have any inquiries or experience any issues with the site.

Final Verdict

Picoworkers is a legit micro-task site that does pay you for doing small jobs. It has a couple of advantages and some drawbacks as well.

Let me wrap up this review by providing you a summary of its pros and cons. That way, you can get a clearer picture of what the site has to offer so you can decide if you should join or not.


  • Low payout threshold
  • Good payout options
  • Available globally
  • Plenty of available jobs


  • Low rewards per job
  • High transaction fee per withdrawal
  • Joining bonus cannot be withdrawn
  • They will withhold VAT

At first glance, you might say that Picoworkers is a good site to earn extra cash because of the convenient payment method it offers and the low payout threshold. It also offers plenty of jobs on a daily basis.

The caveat is, they don’t really pay you well. Luckily most of the jobs are relatively easy to do, but you will still need to invest a lot of time to reach the low threshold.

However, if you choose the jobs carefully and like doing the type of tasks Picoworkers offers, it definitely can be a way to earn some extra money.

The sites on this list all have good earning potential and will allow you to earn a significant amount. Plus, you will also find sites you can join regardless of where you live.

How to join Picoworkers?

If you want to join Picoworkers, it is easy to get started. Just click the button below and you will be taken to the sign-up page. It will only take a couple of minutes to join and you can then start earning right away.

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